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RIT Freshman's Guide to Textbooks

used is better
Buying a textbook used it usually a better choice. Not only is the price significantly lower, but sometimes you'll even have highlights or notes written in it from a past student that can really help you out!
textbooks aren't always required
Even though your schedule may say a textbook is required, the professor may have different intentions. Be sure to email your professor or even wait until the first day of class. Luckily, with BookMaid, you can wait until the last minute because textbooks are within walking distance!
international editions are cheaper
Some publishers print international editions, which may be the same exact book printed at lower production cost for foreign markets. Some may be lower quality, softcover, have black & white illustrations, or do not include a CD and additional materials. These editions usually state "Not for sale in the US or Canada," however it's perfectly legal to purchase these books from a seller overseas. Oh, and make sure they're in English, of course!
share a book with a classmate
Depending on how much homework you will have, and how responsible your classmate is, you can get through the class by sharing a textbook with them. Make sure it's not a class where you'll be having textbook assigments every day of class. Especially if your class is one or two days per week, this may be an option.
shipping takes time
Don't wait until the first week of class to order books online. You may have textbook assignments within the first few days of class - however, some professors may let you slide if you say you're waiting for your book. With BookMaid, you don't need to ship books, because you know your books are on campus!
older editions are sometimes okay
An older edition of a book may be available, and may be easier to find used. Some editions have very minor changes, so ask your professor if an older edition is okay.
know your book's isbn
Every book has a unique International Standard Book Number (ISBN). This identifies a book so that you can look it up on bookmaid or any other textbook site. Currently, RIT does not display ISBNs on students' textbook list, they are legally required to by July 2010. For now, you can either go to RIT's Barnes & Noble and write down the numbers, or you can call them (585-475-2501) and they'll give you the ISBNs.
books sitting in your closet are cash
Once you're done with a book, sell it! There are other students who need it, so if you don't plan on using it again, let someone else use it!
don't get ripped off
College bookstores mark up their prices. When you use their buy-back program, they buy it from you for cheap, then sell it for almost-new prices. Be aware of the prices and be sure to shop around. Since BookMaid is student-to-student, the prices are competitive with each other.
use bookmaid!
It's a fast, free, and easy way to buy and sell textbooks - and best of all - it's RIT only. Students who took the clases you're taking are putting their books on BookMaid.
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